Hillwalker Info - Mountains of Wales

Mountains Of Wales is an interactive hillwalker's guide to Wales, including well over four hundred Welsh mountains and hills. Over a hundred walks are provided by Antony Shaw, Gordon Pirie and Irvine Butterfield, and authentic pronunciations of hill names are spoken by Welsh broadcaster Wyndham Richards.

The program includes all ISYS Outdoors standard features, and integrates very well with MapWise 50 - Wales, which contains Ordnance Survey Landranger mapping for the area.

To get up the hill, there are full route cards which can be built by simply clicking waypoints on the map. The route planner can calculate a route profile, plus an estimation of the time for each leg based on your individual walking speed, and if you have a GPS you can download your route.

Once you get back home, you can log your day's adventures in the full-featured Log Book, which has fields for climb dates for you and up to ten friends, plus plenty of space to record a diary of your experiences. As you climb each hill and record your experiences, you can watch the hill icons on the map change colour to show which have and haven't been climbed.

Mountains of Wales also includes over 300 photographs, many of which are by Dave Newbould, a professional mountain photographer who lives and works in Wales. The photographs can be viewed with a musical accompaniment of traditional Welsh music by Anthony Griffiths and Annette Davies, recorded especially for Hillwalker.




Very enjoyable - recalls happy memories of 13 years spent living in Snowdonia.- am now 78 and have just had a hip operation. May venture out on the hills again soon!
Don, Chesham

Just a few lines to thank you for your excellent customer service. I rang on Friday afternoon with a small order and your staff pulled out the stops to get it sent out first class in that day's post - it duly arrived on Saturday on my son's birthday! Well done. Good product, good service - I'll certainly be a return customer.
Jen, Cardiff