Alpiniste - The High Alps

The High Alps is an interactive guide to the all the 4000m Alpine peaks, incorporating expert knowledge from co-author and Alpine guide Martin Moran.

The program includes the newly-developed Spider card system, which enables the user to build their own route by selecting from a database of nearly 2000 preformed legs, graded according to climbing difficulty.

Spider cards are built by starting at one point (usually a base camp or cable station) and 'spidering' out from there - the program presents the available outgoing paths from that point, and their difficulties. When the user chooses a path, the program then displays the outgoing paths from the endpoint of that path, and so on.

Alpiniste also contains 350 breathtaking photographs and 29 videos, mostly taken by Martin Moran on his frequent trips to the Alps. There are also photo-diagrams of some routes, outlining the route's path on the face of the mountain, which give more information than a simple flat map.

Alpiniste includes Hillwalker's full-featured personal log system, which allows you to record climb dates for yourself and up to ten friends. There is plenty of room in the log for details of the route taken, the weather, flora and fauna seen, and anything else that you want.

The Vector Map and all other ISYS Outdoors standard features are included, and you can add your own maps - for instance, if you have printed maps of the Alps - which will then integrate fully into the program, allowing you to plot routes and climbs on them.




I purchased a copy of The High Alps last year which is excellent.
Martyn, Manchester

I'm very impressed with the number of photos and video clips.
Fi, Aviemore

It is an excellent package I will be recommending it most strongly over here.
Victor, County Down